CSS Properties Cheat Sheet

CSS properties cheat sheet for beginners

This CSS Properties Cheat Sheet is the best cheat sheet for new coders as it breaks down the properties by category. Easy to find and easy to use! We have sorted the properties in alphabetical in order to make it even easier. CSS Background Properties background Sets  a variety of background properties within one declaration. […]

What is the structure of CSS

What is the structure of CSS

When starting CSS, as I have recently, you may be wondering what the structure or format of CSS is. More experienced developers would refer to this as the syntax of a language, which refers to the rules that define a language. The basic syntax of CSS is made up of two elements, namely a selector, […]

What does cascading in CSS mean?

What does the “cascading” in CSS mean

CSS is a styling or markup language that has become the cornerstone of web pages with HTML and JavaScript. So what does “cascading in CSS mean? Cascading in CSS comes from how style rules are applied to a specific element based on the inherent hierarchy built into the language, known as specificity. Styling rules in […]