10 HTML Tags That Every Beginner Should Know

10 HTML tags every beginner should know

Hey, welcome to my blog post on 10 HTML tags that every beginner should know – from a beginner on the same journey as you! If you’re just starting out in coding HTML, these 10 HTML tags will be essential in helping you create well structured and eventually visually appealing web pages. When you combine […]

How long does it take to learn HTML

How long does it take to learn HTML

HTML is one of the most basic coding languages that you can learn. Technically, HTML is a markup language, and because of this, it doesn’t take long to get up to speed. In this blog post, I will give you a rundown on how long it takes to learn HTML, based on my personal experience […]

10 Most Important CSS Concepts for Beginners

10 most important CSS concepts for beginners

A question you often ask as a beginner coder is how much is enough. How much of CSS should I know to feel confident with the language? This post is here to help by listing what I found to be the most important concepts to grasp in CSS. Just in case you are right at […]

What is a media query used for in CSS?

What is a media query used for in CSS

When I started learning CSS in January 2022, it wasn’t long before I came across media queries. Initially, using media queries to effectively create 3 different versions of my site, one for desktop, mobile, and tablet, was daunting. As soon as I understood how to use media queries, where to place them and most importantly, […]

The basics of CSS Selectors

The basics of CSS Selectors

One of the first things you will learn about CSS is the basic CSS syntax, and pretty much as soon as you learn the syntax, you will come across CSS selectors. CSS selectors are a powerful tool for styling your website. They are easy to learn and use, and they can be used with any […]

Measurement Units in CSS Explained for Beginners

Measurement units in CSS explained for beginners

If you have just started your coding journey or just started to learn CSS as I have, you may wonder why there are so many different measurement units in CSS. Any beginner would be right to get confused between pixels, REMs and EMs and not know when to use which unit. This article will help […]

CSS Box Model Explained for Beginners

CSS Box Model Explained for Beginners

If you’re new to coding, like I am, the box model is one of the most important things to understand in CSS. The CSS box model is a set of principles that govern how elements are laid out on a page. It’s important to understand how the box model works so that you can create […]