Should I Learn CSS in 2022

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and standard method for styling web pages. CSS specifies how HTML components should appear on a screen. Web browsers read HTML files that normally link to a CSS file to render web pages. We cover this in our article on connecting an HTML file to a CSS file. CSS is a markup language, not a programming language, much like HTML.

Yes, you should learn CSS in 2022. CSS is the foundation and industry standard for styling every web page, which means that writing CSS will set you on a path to becoming either a front-end or full-stack developer. Both of these career paths are very lucrative.

Is CSS still relevant in 2022

Yes, learning CSS is still relevant in 2022 and it will be for the foreseeable future because as long as webpages are styled using CSS, you will need to know CSS to build a beautiful web page.

You may be whispering under your breath, “but I can style inline in HTML, so why learn CSS?”. The answer is simple. Firstly styling inline is not the best practice. You can read our article on 6 reasons not to style inline here. Secondly, inline styling is limited. Sure, you can change the font weight, but you cannot write media queries, which is how you make a responsive website that displays correctly no matter the viewing device size. 

Should you learn HTML or CSS first

When deciding between learning HTML or CSS first, I suggest you start with HTML. HTML is easier than CSS and will give you the confidence you need to move on to your next language.

HTML is a great “programming” language to learn first for new coders. It is ideal for beginners because it is relatively easy to learn. This means that you can pick up HTML quickly and get the much-needed confidence boost to move on to your next programming language, which would likely be CSS. 

The syntax of HTML and CSS is similar, so you can learn these two programming languages at once, which will greatly increase your learning speed. You will get the confidence boost of knowing that you now have 2 languages under your belt as an added benefit!

Is it worth learning CSS 2022?

Once you get HTML under your belt, you would likely move onto CSS, specifically if you are planning to work on the front-end.

While HTML gives a web page structure, CSS makes your web page look beautiful by adding colour, effects, shapes and layers to your page. So unless you are planning on having a very text-based web page, you would want to learn CSS.

HTML and CSS are two fundamental skills needed by front-end web developers, which is we believe it is still worth learning CCS and HTML in 2022.

Is CSS harder than HTML and why

Despite CSS and HTML both being markup languages, CSS is significantly more difficult to learn than HTML. CSS is more difficult simply because it is more powerful. HTML merely creates the structure of a webpage, where CSS styles every element on that page and optimizes your page for different device sizes.


If you want to become a serious web developer and build more than just simple WordPress sites, learning CSS is still relevant in 2022. To tell the truth, as long as CSS is the industry standard for styling a web page, CSS will be relevant long beyond 2022.

As an added benefit, because CSS is a markup language and not a programming language, you can still learn CSS pretty quickly, but it will take you longer to master than HTML did.

Have you started to learn CSS in 2022?

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